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Powerful, Quick-Tempered and Tireless. This veteran of countless fistic wars, haunted his division before the turn of the century matching wits and brawn with any unfortunate non believers. "The Bareknuckler" stands 13" tall, weighs in at 5 lbs. and is individually crafted in cold cast bronze and hand finished in a beautiful antique patina.

Limited Edition
cold cast bronze
H - 13" W - 5 lbs
The Boxer
The Slugger
Kid Cassidy
The Prizefighter
The Bareknuckler
The Victor
The Glove
The Glove
Canto and Kids
The Catcher

"The pieces are so unique, so realistic. I want one for myself.
And if I think they're good, then you know they must be really good."

- Doc Broadus,
George Foreman's former Coach / Trainer

Copyright 2009 Steven Harpst