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Clever, Aggressive and Hard-hitting. In his wake lie the ruins of one challenger after another who made the lethal mistake of testing his mettle. The only thing missing in this warriors arsenal is a backward step. "The Prizefighter" stands 11.5 inches tall, weighs in at 4 lbs., is carefully crafted in cold cast bronze and hand polished in a beautiful, rich patina.

Limited Edition
cold cast bronze
H - 11.5" W - 4lbs
The Boxer
The Slugger
Kid Cassidy
The Prizefighter
The Bareknuckler
The Victor
The Glove
The Glove
Canto and Kids
The Catcher

"I have a bronze in my home that was given to me years's really
beautiful but it is nothing compared to Steve's art."

- Ken Buchanan,
Former WBA Lightweight Champion

Copyright 2009 Steven Harpst