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photo by Bob Ivy


Steve's excellent adventure across the Egyptian desert.
Note recently purchased papyrus scroll on camel.
My background is actually in the production of television and film. Although I've been creating artwork from the time I was able to hold a pad and pencil, I'd always considered it a hobby until... (flashback to a small band traveling on camel back across the Egyptian desert). I was on extended holiday traveling through Europe, the Middle East and Central Mexico when I discovered the true inspiration that the famous works of art had to offer. I traveled through twenty two countries on that expedition and visited every museum and studied every work of art that I could find.

From heavyweights in the world of sports, to heavyweights at the box-office. One of the best things about creating bronze sculptures is all of the amazing people you get to meet and the exciting events that you get to attend. Even more exciting is when you find out some of the big-time celebrities want one of your sculptures.

photo by Carlos Baeza

Former two-time heavyweight champ and grill meister George Foreman checks out "Kid Cassidy", one of Steve's latest bronzes
photo by Michele Chong

"The Bronzernator" meets "The Governator". Steve presents Arnold Schwarzenegger with "The Glove" during Arnold's campaign for Governor while Inner-City Games founder Daniel Hernandez looks on.

When I came home
, I started to consider what subjects and themes I would be interested in working on. Having been involved in sports nearly all my life, I decided it would be interesting to explore our age-old romance with the ring. This tradition stems back to the ancient empires of Greece and Sparta portraying the athlete as the ideal. After a little coaxing from friends and family, I decided to put the work out there to see what would happen. The results have been surprising.
photo by Patrick Mecardichian

Coach Steve helps a young Burbank fighter
get ready for an upcoming bout

photo by Carlos Baeza
Steve shows off some of his award-winning bronzes
at the World Boxing Hall of Fame
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I hope you enjoy the bronze boxing sculptures you see on the following pages. Each piece has well over four hundred hours of detail involved in the sculpting process alone. The artisans at the foundry log a similar amount of time using the ancient lost-wax method of casting. Please stay tuned to this web page for new bronze sculptures in this series.

"When you honor me, you also honor HBO.
I intend to keep my bronze sculpture between my Emmy awards."

- Jim Lampley - HBO Announcer

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