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What People Are Saying
Steve's work speaks for itself, and these satisifed
clients and fans agree

"These sculptures of two guys engaged in a real fight... the way it should be. They are magnificent- I want one."
-Harold Lederman,
International Boxing Ring Judge, Hall of Fame 1997

"The bronzes are very beautiful, very good. That's what you call a real
work of art. They are fantastic."

- Chuck Bodak,
Oscar De La Hoya's former Cut Man

"The statues are magnificent. Congratulations to Steve
on creating such nice work."

Jose Laurino,
WBC Ratings General Coordinator

"There's nothing else out there like Steve's work. Nothing compares
to the quality of his art. Wait 'til you see it!"

- Maurice "Dub" Harris,
Former President, World Boxing Hall of Fame

"The pieces are so unique, so realistic. I want one for myself.
And if I think they're good, then you know they must be really good."

- Doc Broadus,
George Foreman's former Coach/Trainer

"Steve does great work!"
- Jimmy Lennon, Jr.,
WBA Ring Announcer of the Year 1998

"Steve Harpst has shown that he is a quality artist. His rendition in
sculpted trophies of boxers are classic. They can rival other major
trophies that I have had the privilege of seeing. When I think of superb
boxing sculptures, I can visualize Steve Harpst's work."

- Larry Rozadilla,
Boxing Referee, Hall of Fame 1998

"Steve creates magnificent, life-like figures. I love his work!"
- Jackie Kallen,
Former Boxing Manager

"I'm amazed at how real Steve's work looks. I can see a lot of details.
They're great work - really, really good. Someone who's into boxing
would want one of Steve's bronzes. And if they were a fighter, they'd want one
made of themselves."

- Richard Steele,
Boxing Referee, Hall of Fame 2000

"I have a bronze in my home that was given to me years ago ... it's really
beautiful but it is nothing compared to Steve's art."

- Ken Buchanan,
Former WBA Lightweight Champion

"Being involved in boxing for many years,
I know how important it is to have the tight stance in any boxing pose.
Steve really captures these details well."

- Arthur Mercante,
Hall of Fame Referee

"I really like Steve's work. They're good!"
- Jimmy Ellis,
Former Heavyweight Champion

"These sculptures are very appealing. 'The Champion' goes back to the
sport's original days and is very symbolic of boxing."

- Armando Muniz,

"I'm amazed by these bronzes. They just keep getting better. They're a
great thing for the world of boxing, which is often denigrated. This is
wonderful art that portrays boxing in a positive light."

- Rich Marotta,
Fox Sports Network Commentator, Radio Host

"Steve's work sings on camera!"
- Carlos Baeza,
Professional Boxing Photographer

"I know from experience that these sculptures are not easy to make."
- Bert Sugar,
Boxing Historian


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