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We thought you might enjoy a brief insider's look at what's been going on lately inside the flourishing world of boxing.

There has never been a more lucrative time to be a title holder in the world of boxing. In Sport Magazine's annual top money makers, at least one boxer is always in the top ten.

Audiences are now treated to television coverage of boxing on cable, regional and major networks not only on weekends but weeknights as well. HBO, Fox, Showtime, USA, ESPN, Madison Square Garden Network and Classic Sports just to name a few, have been telecasting weekly and in some cases daily boxing matches without interruption for the last ten years.

In terms of commercial endorsements, one former Champ and folk hero favorite is one of the most sought after pitchmen on Madison Avenue. Recently, lucrative ground breaking endorsements, normally reserved for the likes of a Michael Jordan, are now taking place for fighters that will certainly transcend them into crossover stardom.

On the fitness front, boxing workouts are a popular trend in gyms across the nation and are drawing participation from men, women and youth interested in not only the physical benefits but also the science of boxing.

The most dramatic sign of the times for boxing has been the recent bonanza in the pay-per-view arena. Heavyweight title fights are grossing one night receipts that parallel the theatrical run of a major Hollywood studio release. Nineteen ninety-seven provided the highest grossing non-heavyweight title fight ever. The Whitaker vs. De La Hoya bout grossed 36.5 million dollars with 865,000 ppv buys, surpassing the previous record set in '93 with Whitaker vs. Chavez grossing 23 million dollars at 740,000 buys. The heavyweight division broke a new record with the previous record set in '93 with Whitaker vs. Chavez grossing 23 million dollars at 740,000 buys. The heavyweight divison dwarfed even those numbers with the recent Tyson vs. Holyfield fight drawing 1.7 million ppv buys with a 100 million dollar gross.

De La Hoya's recent pay per view bouts have eclipsed the numbers previously mentioned in this article. The upcoming Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis bout is anticipated to humble any pay per view revenue that we've known to date.

With solid market momentum like this, doesn't it appear that an investment in the world of boxing came along at just the right time?


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